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Bullseye Glass

000100 Black Handy Sheet

000100 Black Handy Sheet

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Sheets are thin panels of glass, available in a diverse array of colors, sizes, and styles. Handy sheets are a more manageable size, having been cut down from larger, full-size sheets.

Our standard handy sheet sizes are approximately:

  • 290mm by 250mm for 3mm rolled glass
  • 220mm by 250mm for 2mm rolled glass

Please contact us to enquire about the availability of sheets in larger sizes.

Bullseye Technical Notes

Reactive Potential

Non-reactive. Neutral.

Cold Characteristics

Although termed an opal due to its almost total lack of light transmission, this is (in terms of its composition) actually a transparent glass.

Working Notes

Low viscosity. Will flow sooner and more than other glasses. In very thin sections the color may vary from reddish/gray to bluish/gray.

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